Final Exhibition – SetUp

Today I made loads of progress with my exhibition space. With the help of the technicians I used trunking to secure the wires, as well as hang my posters and secure my Mac to run the final game on. I am really happy with the way it looks now and will get my classmates to play-test the project and make any alterations this week.

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Final Exhibition – Initial Set up

The next steps for my exhibition was to mount the screen on the wall. This screen will show my promotional video I made on a loop. Once the mount was screwed into the wall where I wanted it to be I safety locked the screen in place. Next week the cables will be secured to make it look tidy and reduce the risk of anyone tripping on them.


Final Exhibition – Initial set up

Last week we started to build out exhibition spaces from scratch. This involved attaching walls together, filling and painting them and fixing extra components where needed. Once the walls were filled and painted it was ready to start building up our individual areas. I had a clear idea for how I wanted my space to look. As it’s the fake launch of a social media platform I wanted the setup to be simple to suit this theme.


I started by attaching my fabric length to the plinth that would hold my mac that will run the final game on. I thought attaching fabric from my colour scheme would make the plinth look better and add more to the exhibition space instead of just being plain. I used masking tape to hold it in place to start with. Then staple gunned the back side of the plinth to hold it in place. To lock down my mac to secure it safely I needed to screw in a Kensington lock, I cut small holes in the fabric where the screws would go in to make sure the fabric didn’t gather or get stuck whilst using the screwdriver. Once the Kensington lock was screwed in place I staple gunned the fabric around the plinth how I liked it to hold it in place.



Tech Testing – Final Project

I have been in contact with Lighthouse Brighton, who suggested they could lend me one of their mini macs to run my project off for the final exhibition. I tested it out in Lighthouse but unfortunately as they are quite old they needed to be updated to Mac OS X in order to run my unity application, but this wouldn’t work.

Mini Mac Setup
Error showing when I tried to run my game

Instead I will look for another machine to run my game, preferably a mac product as I built my game on my Mac pc.

Simulacr – Feedback and thoughts

Todays session was very eye opening, after speaking with my module tutor I realised that my concept wasn’t as clear as I had hoped. Taking a step back helped me to think about how to create my game so that a member of the public who had no idea about algorithms or my concept for my project could understand what my art piece is about.

I want people who view my work to be enlightened to the fact that algorithms control everything we see online, and feel creeped out. I want to lure them in to think it’s the launch of a social platform but then slowly they realise that this platform they think they have all the control over is actually controlling what they see. Before I was being way too subtle with my approach incase I handled the topic in a heavy handed way. But after critically thinking about how impactful I want my work to be I think I am going to slightly alter the structure to really send a clear message.

Initial Structure:

  • Enter your name to sign up
  • Tutorial style into, seems harmless and says that YOU decide what content you want to see more of and how to interact with the platform.
  • Timeline scene – where the user can interact with posts, casing certain events to happen, such as the algorithm saying what it thinks, maybe some other events.
  • The final scene – summarises what the person liked e.g. you liked selfies, you didn’t like memes etc.
  • Outro – algorithm thanks player creepily and says that their data has been collected


Revised Structure:

  • Enter your name to sign up
  • Tutorial style into, seems harmless and says that YOU decide what content you want to see more of and how to interact with the platform.
  • Timeline scene – where the user can interact with posts, casing certain events to happen, such as the algorithm saying what it thinks, maybe some other events.
  • Final scene / outro – algorithm actually reveals that the player has no input on what is shown to them and is told that everything they view, both positive and negative is decided by algorithms. A more direct ending that is less subtle will make it obvious what the subject matter is and therefor have more of an impact.


For this revised structure I will put more emphasis that the player’s choices really matter and whatever they like will impact their experience. But during the final scene revealing that nothing they do matters will make them feel betrayed and like their trust was broken. I prefer this revised structure as it better explains our interactions with algorithms, we believe we have control but we actually have no power in what we see / are shown. As this piece is meant to raise awareness and really send a clear message I think this structure works much better.

Final Exhibition – Research

To successfully capture the feel of a social media launch with my project I did some research into launches for apps and social platforms. A lot of the images I saw during my research has the following qualities:

  • Plain and clean layout
  • Computers used to display the thing they are launching
  • Screens showing images or videos around the space
  • Technology oriented layout


Almost all of the images and research I did showed that these social media / technology launches are very minimal, to not take the focus away from the actual thing that they are launching.

I have managed to cover these points in my initial draft for my exhibition – using an iMac to display my interactive experience and a screen to show my promotional video. My layout will be clean, with the iMac on a high table / plinth so users can experience it standing up. However because it is an art exhibition and I enjoy designing I will be decorating my space more than the images I saw, I will still keep it relatively minimal but I will adorn the space with posters, flyers, a few fabrics and maybe some other decorative objects that fit well in my colour scheme.


I want my space to be colourful and inviting, giving a calm feel so that users are drawn in, then juxtapose this feeling with the actual experience itself.

Final exhibition space

Today we started using Cinema 4D to map out our exhibition space. We made a room, then added materials and objects needed to create the exhibition. It was a really helpful session, thinking about the layout in a 3D space was great to develop ideas and get a feeling for space.

Here are some photos of the initial creation of the exhibition space room.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.08.23Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.23.27Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.28.04

Exhibition – Volunteering

Last week I helped set up the Digital Constellations exhibition in Lighthouse, Brighton. It was exciting and fun to work alongside artists and see behind the scenes of exhibition set up. I mainly worked with fabrics and making sure they were draped and secured neatly for a data projection.



For my final project I am creating an interactive 2D game. In order for me to progress and start coding I needed to map out an initial draft of the “storyline” – main events that will happen in the game. I first wrote out a simple timeline of a possible narrative, then I created an A3 page using post-its as the main events with space to annotate and add ideas in the future.

Storyboard draft
Initial Storyboard

Doing this activity helped me to think more in depth about how my game would work and possible coding I would need to use to create these events. I will annotate and alter this as I go forward but for now having an idea about what to work forward to and how to structure my game is very helpful!

28th March Thoughts

Today we break up for easter! I’m, excited to have some time off but I’m nervous because after we come back there isn’t much time left before we finish the course. This year has gone so fast.


Today’s tutorial was about our big final project. Ben got me thinking about how to convey my concept to people who have no idea about what it’s about and how to catch people’s eye and make them engage with my work. This was really helpful advice because it’s easy to get stuck in your bubble of thinking when you understand your own concept it’s easy to forget how other people will experience my work. One way around this is to play test on people without explaining the concept and alter the experience based on these feedbacks so it’s ready for the public.

We also got thinking about the teamwork side of the final show which is the creation of the promotional media. This is exciting as we all get to work in a group, even though there is a lot to get done everyone in the class have amazing skills and are hardworking so I am feeling very positive about how this will turn out.